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NS0-157 Exam Dumps[16]


At which two levels would you be able to create a SnapMirror policy? (Choose two.)

A.    aggregate

B.    cluster

C.    volume

D.    SVM

Answer: AC



Which hidden directory points to a Snapshot copy from a NFS client?

A.    %snapshot

B.    .snap

C.    .snapshot

D.    /snapshot

Answer: C


This command rename the hidden .snapshot directory in every directory in the current volume.


When you use the volume snapshot autodelete command, what are three values for the commitment parameter? (Choose three.)

A.    disrupt

B.    volume

C.    snap-reserve

D.    try

E.    destroy

Answer: ABE


volume snapshot autodelete modify -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -enabled true -commitment disrupt -trigger volume -target-free-space 25 -destroy-list lun_clone,file_clone Volume modify successful on volume:vol1


A customer wants to retire a broadcast domain called bcast1 from the cluster. All network ports and data LIFs previously using bcast1 have been moved to another broadcast domain. When the administrator attempts to delete the broadcast domain, the deletion fails. What is causing the problem?

A.    TheIPspace, that the broadcast domain uses, still exists.

B.    The cluster ports are using the bcast1 broadcast domain.

C.    There are still subnets associated with the broadcast domain.

D.    The SVM has not been deleted.

Answer: A


When using SnapRestore, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    A single file can be restored.

B.    Performing a volume level restore from a Snapshot copy may delete other Snapshots.

C.    Individual LUNs cannot be restored.

D.    Before restoring a volume it must be taken offline.

Answer: BD


Which NetApp management tool generates reports on volume storage capacity trending information?

A.    Virtual Storage Console

B.    OnCommand Unified Manager

C.    OnCommand System Manager

D.    OnCommand Workflow Automation

Answer: B


Node cl-02 needs to fail over for scheduled maintenance. The node has NAS LIFs on it. The failover needs to be non-disruptive to the NAS clients. Which command accomplishes this task?

A.    system node halt -ofnode cl - 02 -inhibit true

B.    system node reboot -ofnode cl - 02 –inhibit-takeover true

C.    storage failover takeover -ofnode cl - 02 -bypass -optimization true

D.    storage failover takeover -ofnode cl ?02

Answer: C


The aggregate relocation can be avoided during this takeover instance by using the -bypass-optimization parameter with the storage failover takeover command. To bypass aggregate relocation during all future planned takeovers, set the -bypass-takeover-optimization parameter of the storage failover modify command to true.


You create an SVM named svm7. Its DNS name is ntap7. In svm7, you create a volume named vol1 with a junction path of /users. An NFS client would mount the root of vol1 using which path?

A.    svm7:/users

B.    ntap7:/users

C.    ntap7:/vol1

D.    svm7:/vol1

Answer: A


You set up a SnapMirror relationship between two clusters and start the SnapMirror initialization. The transfer starts without error and begins replicating data. Before the initialization completes, a network failure occurs and the transfer fails to finish. Once the network failure is corrected, you attempt to initialize the transfer again, but receive the following error:

Volume rep_vol01 is restricted

Which step should you perform before attempting re-initialization?

A.    Change the state of the destination volume to online.

B.    Delete all Snapshot copies on the destination volume.

C.    Change the state of the destination volume to offline.

D.    Delete all data in the destination volume.

Answer: B


An unexpected network outage has occurred and you have lost access to an NFS share inside an SVM on your cluster. What is causing the problem?

A.    The broadcast domain does not have a failover policy defined.

B.    The MTU setting for the port is incorrect.

C.    The failover group does not have the proper targets defined.

D.    The current port is already hosting a LIF.

Answer: A



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