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A.    step descriptionB.    design document referencesC.    easy guidelines in case of failureD.    estimated implementation timeE.    simple implementation guidelinesF.    estimated rollback time in case of failure Answer: ABD QUESTION 2A company is implementing an Identity Management solution with these characteristics:- existing AAA Server- Cisco Catalyst switches- minimal added investmentsWhich Cisco Trust and Identity Management solution would you recommend? A.    NAC ApplianceB.    Cisco IBNSC.    CSMD.    Cisco Security MARS Answer: B QUESTION 3You want to gather as much detail as possible during a network audit with a minimal impact on the network devices themselves. Which tool would you use to include data time stamping across a large number of interfaces while being customized according to each interface? A.    RMONB.    SNMPv3C.    NetFlowD.    Cisco Discovery Protocol Answer: C QUESTION 4Refer to the exhibit. On which router should you configure redistribution? A.    Router 1B.    Router 2C.    Router 3D.    Router 4E.    Router 5 Answer: B QUESTION 5Which three Cisco technologies can you use to detect and mitigate threats? (Choose three.) A.    NetFlowB.    FWSMC.    ISED.    VRRPE.    sFLOW Answer: ABC QUESTION 6Which technology allows remote networks to be connected via site-to-site tunnels? A.    IPsec VPNB.    AnyConnect VPNC.    SSL VPND.    EasyConnect VPN Answer: A QUESTION 7Which RFC defines the IPv6 standard? A.    RFC 1918B.    RFC 2338C.    RFC 2460D.    RFC 2740 Answer: C QUESTION 8Which first-hop redundancy protocol dynamically distributes client traffic between multiple routers? A.    HSRPB.    VRRPC.    GLBPD.    IGRP Answer: C QUESTION 9Which three options are characteristics of data center evolution? (Choose three.) A.    consolidationB.    virtualizationC.    automationD.    standardizationE.    optimizationF.    modulation Answer: ABC QUESTION 10Which option is a benefit of the modular approach to network design? A.    higher availabilityB.    repeatable scalabilityC.    increased securityD.    improved resiliency Answer: B QUESTION 11You are designing a network that requires a routing protocol that will use minimal network bandwidth. Which would satisfy this requirement? A.    RIPv2B.    RIPngC.    OSPFD.    ARPE.    EGP Answer: C QUESTION 12Which two devices would you place in your DMZ to ensure enterprise edge security? (Choose two.) A.    IPSB.    NACC.    ASAD.    ACSE.    WCS Answer: AC QUESTION 13Which type of area should you use in an enterprise OSPF deployment if you want to prevent propagation of type 5 LSAs but still allow the redistribution of external routes? A.    stubB.    totally stubbyC.    backboneD.    NSSAE.    virtual link Answer: D QUESTION 14Which mode is used to exclusively look for unauthorized access points? A.    monitor modeB.    sniffer modeC.    rogue detector modeD.    local mode Answer: C QUESTION 15To provide Layer 2 connectivity between the primary and remote data centers, given that the two data centers are using Layer 3 routed DCIs, which NX-OS technology can be used to facilitate this requirement? A.    VRFB.    OTVC.    MPLSD.    SPTE.    vPC Answer: B QUESTION 16What is the acceptable amount of one-way network delay for voice and video applications? A.    300 bytesB.    1 secC.    150 msD.    500 ms Answer: C QUESTION 17At which layer of the network is route summarization recommended? A.    data link layerB.    core layerC.    distribution layerD.    access layer Answer: C QUESTION 18Which WAN technology is a cost-effective method to deliver 100Mb of bandwidth to multiple branch offices? A.    DSLB.    DWDMC.    ISDND.    Metro Ethernet Answer: D QUESTION 19Which Cisco device has the sole function at looking at threat detection and mitigation at the Enterprise edge? A.    Cisco IOS routerB.    Cisco ASAC.    Cisco Catalyst FWSMD.    Cisco IPS Answer: D QUESTION 20If a teleworker is required to access the branch office via a secure IPSEC VPN connection, which technology is recommended to provide the underlying transport? A.    ISDNB.    Metro EthernetC.    Frame RelayD.    ADSLE.    ATM Answer: D --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-02-19 08:53:44 Post date GMT: 2016-02-19 08:53:44 Post modified date: 2016-02-19 08:53:44 Post modified date GMT: 2016-02-19 08:53:44 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from