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Which three design considerations would apply in this case? (Choose three.) A.    RDM virtual machine disk configurations are NOT supported.B.    Suspend/resume operations for an encrypted virtual machine are NOT supported.C.    OVF Export is NOT supported for an encrypted virtual machine.D.    Encryption performance is independent of CPU and storage speed.E.    Cloning of encrypted virtual machine is NOT supported. Answer: BDE NEW QUESTION 113A customer wants to use the Microsoft NU3 clustering feature in Unicast mode in its newly-designed environment. To meet that requirement, what security policies must be configured on the network port group? A.    Promiscuous mode: RejectMAC address changes: RejectForged transmits: RejectNotify switches: YesB.    Promiscuous mode: RejectMAC address changes: AcceptForged transmits: AcceptNotify switches: NoC.    Promiscuous mode: AcceptMAC address changes: RejectForged transmits: AcceptNotify switches: NoD.    Promiscuous mode: RejectMAC address changes: RejectForged transmits: AcceptNotify switches: Yes Answer: B NEW QUESTION 114A system architect is building a design that includes three vCenter Server Appliances with 20 to 25 ESXi hosts each. The reliability of the environment is the top business priority because the company runs several applications that must be highly available. Which VMware solution provides the ability to centrally detect issues in the environment and resolve them? A.    Set up a log collection and analysis engine such as VMware Log Insight and point all components of the vSphere environment to this engine.B.    Enable the deactivated VMware Log Browser Service to capture and search logs in the vSphere Web Client.C.    Use the new vSphere HTML5 client that provides multiple ways to detect and isolate issues in the environment.D.    Use the vCenter Server Support Assistant as an easy way to create log bundles, then transfer them to VMware support for analysis and resolution. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 115A company wants to deploy a new application based on containers. The application will be hosted on a dedicated cluster in order to guarantee resources and SLAs. Storage, networking, and compute requirements will scale linearly with the amount of users on the application. Hardware should be minimized to reduce complexity and vendor engagement but NOT allow single points of failure. Shift from CAPEX spending to OPEX. Lowering TCO is a priority. Which solution fulfill all of the customer's requirements? A.    Deploy an ESXi cluster with NFS-based storage.B.    Deploy an ESXi cluster hyperconverged storage options.C.    Deploy an ESXi cluster with Fibre Channel storage.D.    Deploy an ESXi cluster with iSCSi-based storage. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 116In the review of the current state of a business application, which three statements are true? (Choose three.) A.    A virtual machine can be scaled up more quickly than a bare metal server.B.    Application outages caused by known issues in the software do NOT count against the 99.9% SLA.C.    Average latency should be monitored to ensure that application transactions never exceed 5 milliseconds.D.    A weekly full backup and incremental every 2 hours meets an RPO of 2 hours.E.    Separation of duties can be implemented using Role Based Access Controls (RBAC). Answer: BCE NEW QUESTION 117Drag and DropYou have been tasked with creating a vSphere 6.5 design for an organization. The organization is looking to implement a Virtual SAN into their environment. You have been tasked with determining whether a given Virtual SAN logical design decision meets the technical requirements of their infrastructure. For each Design Decision on the left drag the red Decision buttons (D1-D8) on the right and place it on the proper Technical Requirement. Answer: NEW QUESTION 118Drag and DropYou have been provided with a list of requirements for a vSphere Design. For each requirement, categorize the requirement as a component of the conceptual, logical, or physical design. Drag a requirement button (R1-R8) over to the green space provided beside the corresponding Design Phase. Answer: NEW QUESTION 119Which of the following is not a basic component of a good design? A.    VisionB.    ScopeC.    Conceptual designD.    Assumptions Answer: CExplanation:The basic components of a good design are vision, scope, requirements, constraints, assumptions, and risks. NEW QUESTION 120Which component of a good design is described as the quantitative statement of what the project does and does not include? A.    ScopeB.    ConstraintC.    VisionD.    Assumption Answer: AExplanation:The scope is the quantitative statement of what is included in a project, or, more pertinently, what is not included in the project. NEW QUESTION 121A nonfunctional requirement ____. A.    specifies what the system should doB.    is a detail that happens to be true but has not been tested or verifiedC.    specifies how the system should behaveD.    is an attribute that can prevent a project from being completed Answer: CExplanation:A functional requirement states something the system should do (for example, the system should process transactions). A nonfunctional requirement states how the system should behave (for example, the system should update its performance metrics every 5 seconds). An assumption is a detail that happens to be true but has not been tested or verified is an assumption, and a risk is an attribute that can prevent ta project from being completed. NEW QUESTION 122A functional requirement ____. A.    specifies what the system should doB.    is a detail that happens to be true but has not been tested or verifiedC.    specifies how the system should behaveD.    is an attribute that can prevent the completion of the project Answer: A NEW QUESTION 123A ____ is an iterative process used to define a technical solution. A.    constraintB.    best practiceC.    logical designD.    design methodology Answer: DExplanation:A design methodology is an iterative process used to create a technical design. NEW QUESTION 124A ____ design requires IP addresses and specific hardware selections. A.    conceptualB.    physicalC.    logicalD.    none of the above Answer: BExplanation:A conceptual design is a high-level overview of the suggested system. Logical designs show how subsystems interconnect or communicate. No attempt is made to select vendors or map out physical products; rather, the logical design shows how the suggested components align together. A physical design puts specific components and settings into place. It lists items such as vendor products, IP addresses, and specific communication protocols. A physical design is a blueprint of an architecture. NEW QUESTION 125Which of the following is not a reason to use virtualization? A.    Save moneyB.    Improve system performanceC.    Save timeD.    Make disaster recovery easier Answer: B NEW QUESTION 126...... Download the newest PassLeader 3V0-624 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 3V0-624 PDF dumps & 3V0-624 VCE dumps: (130 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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