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A.    Layer 3 InB.    Bridge DomainC.    SVID.    LeafE.    Layer 3 Out Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 138You are integrating ten L4-7 devices that share the same configuration arameters and the same service policy mode in your ACI fabric network. Which APIC configuration feature will reduce the configuration overhead fort he L4-7 devices? A.    Function ProfileB.    Device PackageC.    Graph ConnectorD.    Service Graph Answer: B NEW QUESTION 139Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of configuration? A.    Add AS number 7 after the last AS number in the AS-Path list for all incoming routes to the ACI fabric network.B.    Add AS number 7 after the last AS number in the AS-Path list for all the outgoing routes from the ACI fabric network.C.    Add AS number seven times for all the incoming routes to the ACI fabric network.D.    Add AS number seven times for all the outgoing routes from the ACI fabric network. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 140Refer to the exhibit. You create a static VLAN pool to be used for VMM integration. On which component do you configure the VLANs in the pool? A.    Cisco AVSB.    DVSC.    Fabric interconnectD.    VMware vSwitch Answer: D NEW QUESTION 141Refer to the exhibit. Which component must you create to deploy the application profile? A.    Global policyB.    Private networkC.    DomainD.    EPG Answer: B NEW QUESTION 142Which option does a service graph template contain? A.    Group of logical devicesB.    Collection of user stepsC.    Group of network configurationsD.    Collection of meta-devices Answer: D NEW QUESTION 143Which statement describes an endpoint retention policy behaviour of learned endpoints when subnets of a bridge domain are configured to be enforced? A.    It removes learned endpoints from the endpoint retention cache when a remote device times out.B.    It retains the IP Addresses of the learned endpoint contained outside the bridge subnets.C.    It retains policy information about remote endpoints by using the leaf switches. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 144Refer to the exhibit. Which statement accurately describes the configuration of the Cisco2? A.    Cisco2 will be a trunk port.B.    The description is Parent_Port.C.    The MTU value is 9000.D.    The max-ports value is 16. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 145You are attempting to install a switch remotely. You have a POAP script that fails to find a specified boot image on the switch. Which action do you take? A.    Abort the provisioning process.B.    Download a copy of the image used by the script.C.    Reboot the switch.D.    Adjust the script to use any image on the switch. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 146Refer to the exhibit. Which description of the configuration of the Cisco Nexus 1000V series switch is true? A.    Packet VLAN is a private VLAN.B.    VSM connects to the VMware vCenter server.C.    Mgmt0 is a Layer 2 interface.D.    SVS mode is set to L3. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 147Which two objects can be placed in VRF? A.    Console interfaceB.    Layer 3 subinterfacesC.    Layer 2 subinterfacesD.    VDC associated to the VRFE.    Routing protocol instance Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 148Which offer is selected when a Cisco Nexus Series switch multiple DHCP offers during the POAP DHCP discover phase? A.    The offer has the highest TFTP server IP address is selected.B.    The first offer is selected.C.    An offer is selected randomly.D.    The offer has the lowest TFTP server IP address is selected. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 149Which description of the Cisco AVS is true? A.    The AVS supports individual interface policies.B.    The AVS supports PC, VPC, MAC pinning and FEX interface policies.C.    The AVS implements the device package for control plane communication.D.    VLAN or VXLAN encapsulation can be used in No Local Switching mode. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 150You are implementing an ACI network with switches that are running the Multiple Spanning Tree Ptotocol. Which two actions are required fort his configuration? (Choose two.) A.    Create MST EPG fort he native VLAN to carry the BPDU.B.    Map MST instances to interface profiles.C.    Create MST Private network for the native VLAN to carry the BPDU.D.    Map MST instances to VLANs.E.    Create MST bridge domain for the native VLAN to carry the BBDU. Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 151You are implementing multicast routing between bridge domains for a client who is running ACI version 3.0 with Nexus ACI first-generation switches. What s required for multicast to operate? A.    PIM Any Source Multicast protocol.B.    Bootstrap router for RP to group mapping.C.    PIM Source Specific Multicast protocol.D.    An external router to perform multicast routing between the bridge domains. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 152...... Download the newest PassLeader 300-170 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 300-170 PDF dumps & 300-170 VCE dumps: (152 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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