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Two Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters have recently been installed. One is in Tokyo and the other in Chicago connected by a WAN link. You have started the configuration of a SIP trunk and you are integrating the dial plans. All phones in Tokyo can call all phones in Chicago, but no phones in Chicago can call Tokyo phones. Which two statements are possible causes? (Choose two.)

A.    The CSS of the Chicago phones does not include the partition of the route pattern to point to Tokyo.
B.    The SIP trunk in Chicago is in a CSS that is not in the partition of the Chicago phones.
C.    The Tokyo SIP trunk inbound CSS does not contain the partition of the Tokyo phones.
D.    Tokyo phones are in a CSS that is not in the partition of the route pattern to call from Tokyo to Chicago.
E.    The SIP trunk is configured from Tokyo to Chicago, but not from Chicago to Tokyo.

Answer: AC

Which Cisco IOS command is used to display information for active connections that are controlled by the Media Gateway Control Protocol?

A.    show mgcp connection
B.    show mgcp statistics
C.    show mgcp endpoint
D.    show mgcp nas

Answer: A

Users on your network report fast busy signals when they attempt to place calls. While troubleshooting, you verify that the codecs are configured correctly and determine that the network carries up to 200 concurrent calls at different times of the day. Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Add more Cisco Unified Communications Managers to the cluster.
B.    Add more DSPs to the NM-HD.
C.    Increase the number of sessions to the maximum allowed by system resources.
D.    Implement an SRST-CMF gateway to improve resource allocation.
E.    Add a Cisco Catalyst switch to the environment to increase port density.
F.    Bind the network PRIs to add additional bandwidth.

Answer: CF

Users are reporting intermittent poor audio quality on VoIP calls. Which configuration area requires troubleshooting?

A.    network QoS
B.    media resource
C.    call routing
D.    phone setup

Answer: A

While you deploy SAF CCD in a remote location, you are unable to enable the SAF CCD service on an Cisco IOS-based device. Which action can you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Verify that Cisco Unity Express is operational.
B.    Verify that IOS Release 15.0(1)M is installed.
C.    Verify that DSP Farm resources are configured on the device.
D.    Verify that the device has sufficient RAM to run SAF CCD.
E.    Verify the integrity of the flash installation.

Answer: A

An engineer encounters an issue where a customer wants to enable multiple Cisco Telepresence conference bridges, but can enable only one. Which option is the cause of this issue?

A.    No valid release key is installed on the TS Conductor.
B.    TS Conductor can support only one conference bridge.
C.    Conference bridge in Cisco Unified Communications Manager under Diagnostics > Conference Bridge is not enabled.
D.    All conference bridges are not added in media resources under MRG in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: D

When viewing the configuration of Intercluster Lookup Service, this command is used to look up the URl of a remote cluster user:
Admin:utils ils lookup
Routing string is
Which configuration is required on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, in order to allow routing calls to the URl of this remote cluster user?

A.    SIP route pattern for domain*
B.    SIP trunk with destination
C.    End user with directory URl
D.    SIP route pattern for domain*

Answer: A

Which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager operations will test reverse DNS lookup? (Choose two.)

A.    Installation
B.    Reboot
C.    Upgrade
D.    Switch version
E.    Changing IP address or hostname

Answer: AE

The link from your local Cisco Unity Connection site to another site has gone down. While troubleshooting, you discover that the local gateway is unable to reach a DNS server. Which action can you take to reestablish the link?

A.    Restart the Connection Manager series on the local gateway.
B.    Create an intersite link manually using the IP address of the remote gateway.
C.    Synchronize the two Cisco Unity Connection sites.
D.    Create an intersite link manually using the FQDN of the remote gateway.
E.    Configure the directory synchronization task schedule on the remote gateway.

Answer: A

When user attempted to call a colleague at the same site, the caller received a recording that the call could not be completed as dialed. Which two actions can you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Reboot the IP phone that the user attempted to call.
B.    Verity that the partition and calling search space are correct.
C.    Reboot the user's IP phone.
D.    Reboot the Cisco Unified communications Manager Cluster.
E.    Ping the remote gateway to verify connectivity.
F.    Use RTMT to trace the call from DN to DN.

Answer: BE

An engineer notices that some SCCP phones are not displaying the correct time, but the phones are registered and working property. Which three options should be performed in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to fix the phone time issue? (Choose three.)

A.    Verify that the device pool has the coned Date/Time Group configured.
B.    Ensure that the phone on time field on the phone configuration page is chosen.
C.    Check the CUCM OS Admin page to ensure that NTP servers are accessible.
D.    Verify that the Date/Time Group has the correct phone NTP reference configured.
E.    Check the phone NTP Reference configuration for configured server.
F.    Verify that the Date/Time group has the correct time zone configured.

Answer: ADF


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