This page was exported from Up-To-Date And Reliable MCPD Exam Questions For 100 Percent Pass [ ] Export date:Sun Mar 29 22:10:20 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [25/July/2019 Updated] Pass 200-310 Exam By Training PassLeader Free 200-310 Braindumps --------------------------------------------------- New Updated 200-310 Exam Questions from PassLeader 200-310 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 200-310 VCE dumps: (694 Q&As) Keywords: 200-310 exam dumps, 200-310 exam questions, 200-310 VCE dumps, 200-310 PDF dumps, 200-310 practice tests, 200-310 study guide, 200-310 braindumps, Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions Exam P.S. New CCDA 200-310 dumps PDF: NEW QUESTION 678An engineer wants to transport Layer 2 packets over an MPLS-based WAN network. If encryption is a requirement, which solution must the engineer use? A.    HQoSB.    VPLSC.    EoMPLSD.    IPsec Answer: C NEW QUESTION 679ISIS is which type of routing protocol? A.    link-stateB.    distance-vectorC.    spanning-treeD.    static Answer: A NEW QUESTION 680What are three valid BGP attributes? (Choose three.) A.    bandwidthB.    neighborC.    delayD.    next hopE.    originF.    AS path Answer: DEF NEW QUESTION 681Which two benefits of using a modular enterprise network design are true? (Choose two.) A.    easy IOS services configurationB.    ease of implementationC.    allows unplanned network growthD.    supports VRF for end-to-end on-net securityE.    scalable and flexible model Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 682Traditionally, the DMZ exists between which two locations? (Choose two.) A.    metro accessB.    building accessC.    InternetD.    corporate networkE.    building distribution Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 683An engineer is designing secure access for a WLAN. Which security framework creates a virtual port for each WLAN client at the AP? A.    LEAPB.    802.1xC.    WPA2D.    WPA Answer: B NEW QUESTION 684A corporation has asked for a new design of a branch office consisting of 50 workers and 30 phones that need continual connectivity. Which two items can be included in the design to offer high availability? (Choose two.) A.    backup configuration of branch routerB.    backup configuration of corporate routerC.    single uplink to WAND.    dual uplinks to WANE.    always be on the most up-to-date router code Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 685Which feature do you use to identify which network nodes exchange the most traffic? A.    interface counterB.    SNMPC.    NetFlowD.    ACL counter Answer: C NEW QUESTION 686Which feature is improved by utilizing network modularity while designing a new enterprise network? A.    number of devices requiredB.    costC.    configuration managementD.    fault isolation Answer: A NEW QUESTION 687Which design feature must be considered when the WAN bandwidth consumption and the number of wireless clients are growing in a centralized wireless network? A.    remove APsB.    bridgingC.    FlexConnectD.    high density Answer: C NEW QUESTION 688When designing a new OSPF network, which type of router is used to control flooding of link state advertisements between logical groups of routers? A.    Backbone RouterB.    Autonomous System Border RouterC.    Internal RouterD.    Area Border Router Answer: B NEW QUESTION 689Which benefit of hiding network information by using aggregation is true? A.    It speeds up convergence.B.    It provides an optimal path to a destination.C.    It limits traffic directed to unknown networks.D.    It provides specific knowledge of the network. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 690An engineer is configuring NAC to use SNMP to control switches and set VLAN assignments for ports. Which mode must be used to accomplish this configuration? A.    virtual bridge modeB.    real IP gateway modeC.    serverD.    out-of-band mode Answer: D NEW QUESTION 691Two companies that want to connect with multiple providers vendors, what protocol is the proper one to use? A.    BGPB.    IS-ISC.    OSPFD.    EIGRP Answer: A NEW QUESTION 692An engineer is designing an OSPF infrastructure for an organization. Which two approaches reduce the impact of a topology change? (Choose two.) A.    applying summarization at the area border routersB.    maintaining areas with a small number of neighborsC.    provisioning a single area for the infrastructureD.    designing the Area Border Routers to be in four areasE.    tuning the hello and hold timers on each router Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 693A small ISP is migrating to iBGP for their routing core and wants to reduce the iBGP mesh requirement into smaller subautonomous systems. Which method must be used? A.    areasB.    route reflectorsC.    stub areasD.    confederations Answer: D NEW QUESTION 694...... Download the newest PassLeader 200-310 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 200-310 PDF dumps & 200-310 VCE dumps: (694 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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