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A.    Hexadecimal value of 0xFFFEB.    48-bit MAC addressC.    64-bit MAC addressD.    Link local suffixE.    IPv4 address Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 232An engineer's supervisor sees manual route summarization as complex and unnecessary. Which two arguments can be made for route summarization? (Choose two.) A.    It advertises detailed routing tables.B.    It reduces routing table size.C.    It reduces the upstream impact of a flapping interface.D.    It increases security by advertising fake networks.E.    It utilizes the full CPU performance capacity on the routers. Answer: BC NEW QUESTION 233Which statement about Flex Links is true? A.    Flex Links are supported only if the PVST protocol is used on the links.B.    STP is disabled on Flex Links.C.    Flex Links are supported only if the Cisco proprietary Rapid PVST protocol is used on the links.D.    At least two backup interfaces are required to configure Flex Links. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 234How many bits of an 802.1Q header are allocated for a VLAN identifier? A.    8B.    12C.    24D.    32 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 235Which field in the Ethernet header is used to forward Ethernet frames? A.    frame check sequenceB.    source addressC.    EtherTypeD.    destination address Answer: D NEW QUESTION 236If you attempt to enable 802.1x for an EtherChannel port, what happens? A.    An error occurs, because 802.1x is not supported on EtherChannel.B.    The 802.1x authentication is extended to all of the ports in the EtherChannel bundle.C.    An error occurs, but 802.1x is enabled for the EtherChannel bundle.D.    All of the ports are removed from the EtherChannel bundle. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 237An engineer wants to ensure that an interface goes into the error disable state immediately when a violation is detected on port. Which command must be used to accomplish this requirement? A.    switchport port-security violation disableB.    switchport port-security violation shutdownC.    switchport port-security violation restrictD.    switchport port-security violation protect Answer: B NEW QUESTION 238Which statement is true when using VRF? A.    Overlapping IP addresses can be used without conflict.B.    Multiple instances of a routing table cannot coexist on the same router.C.    Routing instances must not contain overlapping address space.D.    Two interfaces on the same router cannot be configured with the same IP address. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 239Which routing protocol marks redistributed routes as external? A.    EIGRPB.    RIPngC.    RIPv2D.    BGP Answer: A NEW QUESTION 240Which statement regarding the GRE protocol is true? A.    It uses IP protocol 50.B.    It provides encryption.C.    It is the default mode for tunnels.D.    It can transport unicast traffic only. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 241Which OSPF router handles distribution between OSPF and another routing protocol such as EIGRP or BGP? A.    autonomous system border routerB.    area border routerC.    designated routerD.    border gateway router Answer: A NEW QUESTION 242Which two features were introduced in ICMP version 6? (Choose two.) A.    error reportingB.    neighbor discoveryC.    signalingD.    round trip estimatesE.    router discovery Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 243Which two values must you configure when you enable a DHCP server on a Cisco router? (Choose two.) A.    inside and outside NAT interfacesB.    client DNS domain nameC.    default gatewayD.    router IDE.    VLAN assignment Answer: BC NEW QUESTION 244Which two statement about A records and AAAA records in DNS are true? (Choose two.) A.    A records can be returned in IPv6 packets only.B.    AAAA records can be returned in IPv6 packets only.C.    AAAA records can be returned in either IPv4 packets or IPv6 packets.D.    A records can be returned in either IPv4 packets or IPv6 packets.E.    A records and AAAA records can be used interchangeable. Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 245Which two DSL technologies are symmetrical? (Choose two.) A.    HDSLB.    SDSLC.    VDSLD.    RADSLE.    ADSL Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 246Which statement about how data is transmitted in a GPON environment is true? A.    Nodes provide optical to electrical conversion between the OLT and the ONTs.B.    Optical splitters are used to separate wavelengths assigned to different ONTs.C.    Each ONT receives the traffic intended for all ONTs on the same PON.D.    The OLT sends traffic to specific ONTs based on an assigned timeslot. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 247Which three layers comprise the SONET transport hierarchy? (Choose three.) A.    line layerB.    path layerC.    section layerD.    data-link layerE.    application layerF.    network layer Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 248In which DWDM network topology does protected traffic travel only between two hub nodes? A.    any-to-any ringB.    hubbeed ringC.    multihubbed ringD.    meshed ring Answer: C NEW QUESTION 249On a service provider network, which device functions as an aggregation point for CPE devices? A.    a P routerB.    a CE routerC.    a PE routerD.    a CE switch Answer: C NEW QUESTION 250A network engineer is asked to protect the PE routers by configuring Control Plane Policing. How does this work? A.    It encrypts packets before transmitting them across a network.B.    It prevents network data interception.C.    It prevents unauthorized access into networking devices.D.    It prevents and protects the control plane of Cisco IOS routers and switches against reconnaissance and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 251Which two statements regarding router ACLs are true? (Choose two.) A.    They can restrict and block unwanted access to Cisco IOS services.B.    They have no effect on router resources.C.    They can be defined as standard, extended, or optional access lists.D.    They can protect the router processor from unnecessary traffic, to maintain performance.E.    They cannot be used to prevent DoS attacks. Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 252For which two reasons would an engineer configure neighbor authentications? (Choose two.) A.    The neighbor requires authentication.B.    Routing update packets are being rejected.C.    The router could receive false routing information.D.    To maintain link stability.E.    Changes to the routing infrastructure are being made. Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 253Drag and DropDrag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the correct data communications networks on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 254Drag and DropDrag and drop the network layers from the left onto their most common function on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 255You have a switch that is configured to send messages to a syslog server. What should you do to log debugging information to syslog? A.    Set the logging trap to 0.B.    Set the logging trap to 7.C.    Set the logging facility to 16.D.    Set the logging facility to 61. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 256Which command provides the highest level of detail about the system diagnostics on a Cisco XE router? A.    show tech-supportB.    show registryC.    show running-configD.    show inventory Answer: A NEW QUESTION 257Which CLI command works for Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XR Software configuration? A.    boot systemB.    enableC.    ip subnet-zeroD.    snmp-server Answer: D NEW QUESTION 258An engineer must collect information about the cards installed in a Cisco routing running Cisco IOS XE Software. Which command can the engineer use to collect this information? A.    show startup-configB.    show diagC.    show versionD.    show running-config Answer: B NEW QUESTION 259An engineer must set up a password to be used for privilege exec mode and wants the password to be stored in the most secure method. Which command must the engineer use? A.    username support password ciscoB.    enable password ciscoC.    username support secret ciscoD.    enable secret cisco Answer: D NEW QUESTION 260An engineer wants to display the combined content of the target and running configurations without commiting the changes in a Cisco IOS XR Router. Which command accomplishes this task? A.    show configurationB.    show running-config sanitizedC.    show running-configD.    show configuration merge Answer: D NEW QUESTION 261...... 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