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Which of the following was MOST likely left unplugged after replacement? A.    CMOS BatteryB.    Mini-PCI CardC.    InverterD.    DC Cord Answer: C QUESTION 104Which of the following devices requires 3.3V of power from the motherboard? A.    SLI Video CardB.    DVD-ROM DriveC.    USB PortD.    Serial Port Card Answer: D QUESTION 105Multicast addresses fall in which of the following classful address ranges? A.    Class AB.    Class BC.    Class CD.    Class DE.    Class E Answer: D QUESTION 106Which of the following translates digital signals into analog for transmission over phone lines? A.    SANB.    VoIPC.    ModemD.    Bridge Answer: C QUESTION 107Which of the following cable types typically transmits the video from an analog security camera back to the CCTV system? A.    CAT5eB.    CAT6C.    RG-59D.    STP Answer: C QUESTION 108Which of the following cable types should always be used through life safety areas? A.    PVCB.    PlenumC.    STPD.    Fiber Answer: B QUESTION 109Which of the following 802.11 standards has a MAXIMUM bandwidth throughput of 54Mbps and uses 2.4GHz frequency? A.    AB.    BC.    GD.    N Answer: C QUESTION 110A user has 6,250 Megabytes worth of pictures they would like to back up. At the very MINIMUM, which of the following could backup these pictures to a single medium? A.    DL DVD BurnerB.    LTO DriveC.    CD BurnerD.    Blu-Ray Burner Answer: A QUESTION 111Laser printers and thermal printers both use a heating element to function. Which of the following differentiates them? A.    Laser printers require a liquid pigment.B.    Thermal printers use device specific stock.C.    Laser printers do not require thermal toner.D.    Thermal printers utilize refillable heat toner. Answer: B QUESTION 112When referring to laser printing, which of the following describes the development process? A.    The corona wire places a static charge on the drum.B.    Toner is pulled to the charged areas of the drum.C.    Toner is pulled from the drum to the paper.D.    The toner is permanently affixed to the paper. Answer: B QUESTION 113Which of the following would MOST likely be found on a docking station versus a port replicator? A.    USB HubB.    VGA PortC.    PS/2 SlotD.    DVD-ROM Answer: D QUESTION 114A technician has been tasked with designing a new printing solution for a small team. They want to be able to use a central printer from their shared workspace as well as the conference room next door. Which of the following connection methods would BEST suit their need? A.    USBB.    Infrared (IR)C.    BluetoothD.    Wireless Answer: D QUESTION 115ESD mats are useful for protecting against which of the following hazards? A.    Chemical burnsB.    Electromagnetic interferenceC.    RF interferenceD.    Static buildup Answer: D QUESTION 116When a technician suspects prohibited activity on an organization's network or computers, which of the following is the FIRST step they should take? A.    Confirm an actual infraction has taken placeB.    Confront the suspected person with incident detailsC.    Notify others so that peers will stop the activityD.    Erase the contents of the user's computer and disable their account Answer: A QUESTION 117A customer wants to be able to archive a large 15 to 20 GB project to optical media using a single disk. Which of the following should a technician recommend? A.    Blu-Ray writerB.    DVD-RW driveC.    Dual Layer DVD burnerD.    CD-ROM burner Answer: A QUESTION 118Which of the following printer types requires calibration to ensure the nozzle is adjusted to print properly? A.    ImpactB.    InkjetC.    LaserD.    Thermal Answer: B QUESTION 119A home user's PC has an over-clocked CPU with a relatively small heat sync, small fans on the 800W power supply, and a high-end video card. Which of the following is the recommended solution that will manage heat more effectively? A.    Replace the CPU heat sync with a high RPM fanB.    Purchase an energy efficient power supplyC.    Not over-clocking the CPUD.    Liquid cooling system Answer: D QUESTION 120Which of the following wireless standards operates at 5GHz? (Select TWO). A.    802.11aB.    802.11bC.    802.11bgD.    802.11gE.    802.11n Answer: AE Download the newest PassLeader 220-901 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 220-901 PDF dumps & 220-901 VCE dumps: (1346 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected!) p.s. 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