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Free 220-901 Exam Dumps Collection On Google Drive: QUESTION 141A technician is asked to repair a broken Ethernet jack in a conference room. Which of the following tools would the technician use when repairing the wall jack? A.    CrimperB.    Toner probeC.    Punchdown toolD.    Multimeter Answer: C QUESTION 142A user with a USB printer would like to print from more than one computer. Which of the following features should be used? A.    File and printer sharingB.    Internet connection sharingC.    Enable printer duplexingD.    USB hub Answer: A QUESTION 143Which of the following is the MAXIMUM number of 10Mb audio files that a user can store on a CD- RW? A.    50B.    70C.    100D.    120 Answer: B QUESTION 144Which of the following connectors provides the capability to pass both analog and digital signals? A.    VGAB.    BNCC.    DVI-ID.    USB 3.0 Answer: C QUESTION 145A service call was opened for a thermal printer that has poor print quality. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST? A.    Replace the print head with OEM replacement.B.    Use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean the print head.C.    Use the printer manufacturer's cleaning kit to clean the print head.D.    Use an industry approved cleaning kit to clean the print rollers.E.    Use the printer manufacturer's cleaning kit to clean the print rollers. Answer: C QUESTION 146A technician needs to attach a network cable to a wall jack in the conference room. After running the cable through the conduit to the conference room, which of the following tools would BEST be used to connect the cable to the wall jack? A.    PunchdownB.    Loopback plugC.    MultimeterD.    Crimper Answer: A QUESTION 147Which of the following devices uses MAC tables to allow multiple computers to access a single network connection? A.    HubB.    FirewallC.    VoIPD.    Switch Answer: D QUESTION 148Which of the following laser printer components will flip the paper to allow for printing on both sides? A.    Paper registration assemblyB.    Paper pickup assemblyC.    Duplex assemblyD.    Image transfer belt Answer: C QUESTION 149A printer technician is sent to work on a fuser in a laser printer that is not adhering toner properly to the paper. While onsite Joe, an end user, reports that he has been having frequent paper jams as well. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action to repair the printer? A.    Install a manufacturer recommended maintenance kitB.    Install the fuser, replace the toner cartridge, and replace the pickup and separation rollersC.    Install the fuser and also replace the high voltage power supplyD.    Install the fuser as the paper jams were probably also caused by the defective fuser Answer: A QUESTION 150Which of the following is used to provide secure file storage to network users only? A.    NASB.    IMAPC.    SAND.    SSH Answer: A QUESTION 151A technician has replaced the NIC in a computer running Windows XP Professional and has properly installed the device driver. The computer indicates the card has network connectivity, but the technician is unable to access the Internet. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to finish the NIC installation? A.    Change the computer and DNS server's IP addresses in the Action CenterB.    Use ipconfig to check the current settings and Network Connections to make changesC.    Assign the NIC an APIPA address using ipconfig and the network setup wizardD.    Reboot the computer and configure the necessary network settings in the BIOS Answer: B QUESTION 152Which of the following Internet connection types has the HIGHEST latency? A.    WiMAXB.    SatelliteC.    FiberD.    Dial-up Answer: B QUESTION 153Which of the following would BEST describe the capabilities of a 64-bit operating system? A.    Capable of managing dual NICs.B.    Capable of effectively managing 1TB SSD.C.    Capable of managing more than 4 displays.D.    Capable of utilizing 128GB RAM. Answer: D QUESTION 154Joe, a user, wants to modify the fan speed settings on his PC. Which of the following locations allows the fan speed settings to be changed? A.    BIOSB.    Device ManagerC.    Motherboard JumpersD.    Computer Management Answer: A QUESTION 155A user has purchased a new touch screen tablet and is reporting that the touch interface is extremely inaccurate and almost unusable. Which of the following actions should a technician take FIRST to resolve the issue? A.    Return the tablet to the manufacturerB.    Give the user a stylus to useC.    Calibrate the touch interfaceD.    Verify touch interface connectivity inside the screen Answer: C QUESTION 156A technician needs to install a projector into a conference room with several windows. Which of the following should the technician consider so that the displayed image is always visible? A.    ResolutionB.    LumensC.    Anti-glare filterD.    Bulb life Answer: B QUESTION 157A common method of accessing computers remotely that uses port 23 is known as? A.    LDAPB.    RDPC.    TelnetD.    FTP Answer: C QUESTION 158Which of the following allows for audio and video connections using a single cable? A.    HDMIB.    ParallelC.    DVI-AD.    eSATA Answer: A QUESTION 159Which of the following standards is an expansion card slot used only for graphics? A.    PCIeB.    AGPC.    PCID.    miniPCI Answer: B QUESTION 160A technician, Anne, has repaired a CEO's laptop. Which of the following is the LAST step that should be taken after the repair is completed? A.    Prepare a hot spare in preparation for the next repairB.    Document all of the services providedC.    Communicate the status of the repair with the CEOD.    Offer other repair options if they are available Answer: C Download the newest PassLeader 220-901 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 220-901 PDF dumps & 220-901 VCE dumps: (1346 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected!) p.s. 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