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A.    CDPB.    VTPC.    NTPD.    LACPE.    STP Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 1001Which technology provides a multichassis IP connection between VSS-enabled switches and downstream devices? A.    LAGB.    PAgPC.    MECD.    ICCPE.    LACPF.    BFD Answer: C NEW QUESTION 1002If a switch that is configured globally with DHCP snooping receives a packet that has DHCP Option-82 set to, how does the switch handle the packet? A.    It forwards the packet normally.B.    It removes the Option-82 information from the packet and forwards the packet.C.    It drops the packet.D.    It replaces the source MAC address of the packet with its own MAC address and forwards the packet.E.    It replaces the source IP address of the packet with its own management IP address and forwards the packet.F.    It sends a proxy ARP request for the MAC address of Answer: A NEW QUESTION 1003Which three feature of AAA with RADIUS are true? (Choose three.) A.    It encrypts the password for transmission.B.    It integrates authorization and authentication functions.C.    It separates authorization and authentication functions.D.    It encrypts the entire transmission.E.    It secures access to endpoint devices.F.    It secures access to network devices. Answer: ABF NEW QUESTION 1004Which command do you enter on a device so that users are automatically placed in enable mode after they authenticate with TACACS+? A.    aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ if-authenticatedB.    aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ local-caseC.    aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ enableD.    aaa authentication exec default group tacacs+ if-authenticated Answer: D NEW QUESTION 1005Which two statements about recovering error-disabled interface are true? (Choose two.) A.    Reloading the switch recovers it from the error-disabled state.B.    If errdisable recovery is configured, the interface is recovered automatically when the root problem is corrected.C.    Removing and reinserting network media recovers an interface from the error-disabled state.D.    Errdisable recovery is enabled by default and operates normally without additional configuration.E.    The show errdisable recovery command displays the conditions for which autorecovery is enabled. Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 1006Which two configuration requirements for port security are true? (Choose two.) A.    The port must be part of a trunk.B.    Port security must be enable at the port level.C.    Port security must be enabled at the global level.D.    The port must be SPAN port.E.    The port must be part of an EtherChannel bundle.F.    The port must be in access mode. Answer: BF NEW QUESTION 1007To which VLAN is a dynamic access port assigned by default? A.    None, until the VLAN membership of the port is discovered.B.    The native VLAN.C.    The same VLAN as the VLAN membership policy server.D.    VLAN 1, the default VLAN. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 1008Which two statements about TACACS+ are true? (Choose two.) A.    It is a Cisco-proprietary technology.B.    It support several less-common protocol in addition to IP.C.    It encrypts only the packet header.D.    It is more reliable than RADIUS because it communicates with UDP packets.E.    It is backwards-compatible with TACACS.F.    It combines accounting and authorization functions. Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 1009Which form of centralized device authentication allows each AAA feature to function separately? A.    local databaseB.    RADIUSC.    TACACS+D.    kerberos Answer: C NEW QUESTION 1010Which command prevents all access ports on a switch from sending or receiving BPDUs? A.    spanning-tree portfast bpduguard defaultB.    spanning-tree bpdufilter defaultC.    spanning-tree bpdufilter enableD.    spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default Answer: D NEW QUESTION 1011Which two statements about configuring EtherChannel are true? (Choose two.) A.    They can be configured to passively negotiate a channel with a connected peer.B.    They can be configured with the no switchport command to place them in Layer 3 mode.C.    They can be configured to load-balancing traffic based on Layer 7 information.D.    They can be configured to operate with up to 10 links in a single channel.E.    They can be configured to send Layer 2 packets. Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 1012Which two statements about UDLD aggressive mode are true? (Choose two.) A.    UDLD attempts to re-establish a downed link one time before declaring the link down.B.    UDLD message are send every 15 seconds.C.    If a unidirectional link is detected, the port state is determined by spanning tree.D.    UDLD automatically chooses the messaging interval based on the configured timers.E.    The UDLD detection timer is four times the message interval by default.F.    If a unidirectional link is detected, the port state is changed to errdisable. Answer: BF NEW QUESTION 1013You are configured dynamic ARP inspection. Which command must you configure on the device to detect unexpected IP addresses in the ARP packet? A.    ip are inspection validate ipB.    ip verify sourceC.    ip are inspection trustD.    ip are inspection vlan Answer: A NEW QUESTION 1014Which two commands enable you to determine the native VLAN that is configured on an interface? (Choose two.) A.    show interface statusB.    show interfacesC.    show interface trunkD.    show running-configE.    show interface brief Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 1015In a Cisco StackWise Virtual environment, which planes on the component devices are virtually combined in the common logical switch? A.    control and management onlyB.    control and data onlyC.    control, data, and managementD.    management and data only Answer: A NEW QUESTION 1016Which statement about Cisco StackWise is true? A.    When a new switch is added, the master switch suspends traffic forwarding until the new switch is updated with the least running configuration.B.    The stack elects a master switch and a standby switch to support rapid failover.C.    The entire stack communicates using a single management IP address.D.    If a single interconnect cable in the stack fails, the stack can continue to operate at full bandwidth. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 1017In which EtherChannel mode does a port receive and respond to PAgP message without initiating EtherChannel communication? A.    desirableB.    activeC.    onD.    auto Answer: D NEW QUESTION 1018If all switches in a network have the same spanning-tree priority, which switch is elected as the root bridge? A.    the switch with the highest physical interface IP addressB.    the switch with the lowest MAC addressC.    the switch with the lowest loopback interface IP addressD.    the switch with the highest MAC address Answer: B NEW QUESTION 1019Which command configures all access ports on a switch to immediately enter the forwarding state when the switch is reset? A.    spanning-tree portfast bpduguard defaultB.    spanning-tree portfast defaultC.    spanning-tree portfastD.    spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default Answer: B NEW QUESTION 1020Which three responses from a RADIUS server are valid? (Choose three.) A.    CHALLENGEB.    ACKNOWLEDGEC.    UPDATE PASSWORDD.    REJECTE.    ACCEPTF.    CONFIRM Answer: ADE NEW QUESTION 1021Which VTP mode must you configure on a VTP domain so that the switch with the highest VTP configuration revision number in the domain propagates VLAN information to the other switches? A.    server modeB.    transparent modeC.    off modeD.    client mode Answer: A NEW QUESTION 1022Drag and DropDrag and drop the statements about remote security databases from the left onto the correct security database types on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 1023Drag and DropDrag and drop the GLBP components from the left onto the correct functions on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 1024...... Download the newest PassLeader 300-115 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 300-115 PDF dumps & 300-115 VCE dumps: (1042 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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