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A.    It is a template used for all home directories of users on the Samba server.B.    Users can access their home directory only by accessing the share with the name homes.C.    It is a template used for all user created shares on the Samba server.D.    The maximum number of homes shares per used can be limited using the parameter usershare max homes. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 2Which of the following options can be used to limit access to a share? (Choose two.) A.    untrusted usersB.    write listC.    valid usersD.    valid groupsE.    accept list Answer: BC NEW QUESTION 3When a Windows domain controller is used, which of the following is assigned a Windows Security Identifier? (Choose three.) A.    UsersB.    ServersC.    GroupsD.    DepartmentsE.    Companies Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 4Which service unifies Linux/UNIX and Windows NT account management by allowing a UNIX box to become a full member of an NT domain? A.    WinbindB.    PAMC.    NISD.    OpenLDAP Answer: A NEW QUESTION 5When upgrading a Samba 3 to a Samba 4 Active Directory domain using samba-tool domain classicupgrade, what is true? (Choose three.) A.    All machines have to re-join the new domain.B.    The profiles of the users remain unchanged.C.    Samba configures its internal NTP server to synchronize the systems clocks of all domain members.D.    The user accounts and machine accounts are migrated into the new database.E.    A basic set of DNS records required for AD operation is provisioned. Answer: BDE NEW QUESTION 6After finishing configuring of a Unix client to authenticate with a Microsoft Active Directory server, login attempts are unsuccessful. Which of the following is most likely the cause? A.    Unix Client support is disabled in the Active Directory configuration.B.    The PAM library is searching the directory with the default search filter.C.    The slapd daemon is not running.D.    The user account in Active Directory has the remote login setting disabled. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 7Which command with Samba 3 would be used to search for all available workgroups/domains and NetBIOS names? A.    nmblookupB.    findsmbC.    smbgetD.    winbrowse Answer: B NEW QUESTION 8Which service unifies Linux and Windows account management by allowing a Linux system to include Windows domain users in the Linux user database? A.    WinbindB.    PAMC.    NISD.    OpenLDAP Answer: AExplanation:Samba winbind provides a unified login experience between UNIX or Linux and Windows systems by letting users log on to a UNIX or Linux host by using Windows domain credentials. NEW QUESTION 9Which of the following properties does the configuration option cachesize in slapd.conf refer to? A.    The number of entries to be cached.B.    The size of the cache in bytes.C.    The size of the cache in bits.D.    The minimum cache size in bytes.E.    The maximum cache size in bytes. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 10Which schema file is required by OpenLDAP? A.    inetorgperson.schemaB.    core.schemaC.    openldap.schemaD.    cosine.schemaE.    misc.schema Answer: B NEW QUESTION 11Which one of the following is true about single sign-on? A.    Single sign-on is different than identity consolidation.B.    Single sign-on requires sending the same credentials to several services.C.    Single sign-on requires that the credentials for different services are distinct.D.    Single sign-on requires a smartcard. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 12It's important to issue the Start TLS operation at the beginning of a session ____. A.    to compress any data sent over the network and improve performanceB.    to prevent usernames and passwords from being sent in plain textC.    to ensure backward compatibility with older clientsD.    to prevent clients from binding to the server anonymously Answer: B NEW QUESTION 13Which of the following parameters can be used in a Samba configuration in order to execute scripts on the server? (Choose three.) A.    add printer scriptB.    add user scriptC.    add group scriptD.    add user to group scriptE.    add share script Answer: BCD NEW QUESTION 14Which of the following parameters is used in the database on a slave server to direct clients that want to make changes to the OpenLDAP database to the master server? A.    updatednB.    updateserverC.    updaterefD.    updateuri Answer: C NEW QUESTION 15When configuring OpenLDAP to use certificates, which option should be used with the TLSVerifyClient directive to ask the client for a valid certificate in order to proceed normally? A.    neverB.    allowC.    tryD.    demand Answer: D NEW QUESTION 16Which port in TCP/IP communication is used for Kerberos v5? A.    888B.    86C.    88D.    90 Answer: C NEW QUESTION 17Which option for the pam_ldap module specifies a file from which the module's global settings can be read? A.    defaultB.    globalC.    configD.    include Answer: C NEW QUESTION 18Which of the following ports are open by default on a Samba 4 Active Directory Domain Controller? (Choose three.) A.    443/TCPB.    138/TCPC.    389/TCPD.    445/TCPE.    53/TCP Answer: BCD NEW QUESTION 19Which of the following parameters can be used in the file DB_CONFIG? (Choose two.) A.    set_cachesizeB.    set_cachepathC.    set_db_typeD.    set_db_pathE.    set_lg_max Answer: AE NEW QUESTION 20...... Download the newest PassLeader 300-100 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 300-100 PDF dumps & 300-100 VCE dumps: (155 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. New 300-100 dumps PDF: >> New 303-200 dumps PDF: >> New 304-200 dumps PDF: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-03-13 09:32:06 Post date GMT: 2019-03-13 09:32:06 Post modified date: 2019-03-13 09:32:06 Post modified date GMT: 2019-03-13 09:32:06 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from